Saturday, January 30, 2010

This N That .

This posting is a summary of my past week. Will keep it short n sweet.

My nephew Fairus got another baby girl yesterday - Baby Fazwin.

My Jalan2 cari makan geng (still mourning for our beloved sultan of Johor)

attended shahrul's wedding on 22/1/10. Congratulations to him..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fire Flies watchin ...

Last saturday, i was at home Noy n Nana invited me to go to Kota Tinggi for fire fly watching.Gladly agreed ...why not?
Only 1 hr drive frm JB. The fare was RM20 (expensive huh) for 45 mins boat ride. No pictures taking here as the camera flash or lights will kill them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A belated one ....

Another celebration from Mr Elam ....dis time out for lunch @ George N Dragon.

10Q guys for the big Lunch .....muaaaaaah

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cleaning the wardrobe ...

It's saturday , my 1st week of the new year @ home. So after cooking, i decided to clean up my wardrobe . Something that i've been telling myself i had to do for past few weeks b4 2010.
Wow! i guess it's time to let go ....i packed of some of the clothes to give away, relocated some of the sentimental ones to the spare wardrobe.
my tee-shirts

my 1st wardrobe

my baju kurungs

my 2nd wardrobe

The wardrobe is much neater now ....Hey , there's some room for new clothes now...hehehe

P/S Byk baju2 lama dh tak muat lg !!!! aduuuuuh ... All pics are b4 cleaning

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Village Bukit Tinggi

there's a japanese village here too ...

End of my holiday ....lookin forward for my next destiny Insya'allah Bangkok in feb.

Colmar Tropicale ..

here i am on my last day of holiday , a french themed resort in Bukit Tinggi. Hv always wanted to come here ..My fren gave me a big bday surprise by taking me here Told me we r goin to Genting but instead here i am ...Thks dear

Nima's villa ..

my cousin invited me to her villa in klang for lunch ...newly renovated villa. V cozy with a mini studio too Cheng loves music and got lots collection of old records !!!

old records collection ....

my cousin nima with her beloved hubby `cheng' ...

in the mini studio (music room) ...