Thursday, July 29, 2010

En Fuad's Bday ..

We held a small bday surprise for En Fuad's 56th bday last 20/7. Bought a carrot cake from Secret Receipe for him. Wish U hAPPy Birthday , May Allah bless u with good health n bless us with Good Bonus end of year !!!! hehehe

Durians again

Last nite we ate durians again.Me, Murnie Nana Nora n little Maisara. Dis time we try the shop at Pandan City Pasar Borong .Hmmmm.....not that tastier like the one we ate at the orchard or Balik Pulau Penang!!! Guess it's the end of the season.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Fazwin n Fazrin

My grand niece , Baby Fazwin is already 6 months old now.
Fazwin n her big sister Fazrin ...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Durians, durians

Last 9/7 , we went to Kg Melayu Raya 2 Pekan Nanas Pontian to look for kampung durians. It's abt 45 mins drive from JB town.

the orchard owner Pak Cik Mohamed ...

the durian seller????

IPS Durian Fest - 16/7/10

Durian festival is ON....IPS Sports Club organize 'All U Can Eat' at the office carpark.

During durian testing ...

aerial view frm 3rd flr of IPS....everybody seems durian maniac !!!