Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012 .....

How times flies ....

2011 has been a v.sad year for times i wish it's just a bad dream and i will wake up from it. But i know it is not to be so, i have slowly accepted the fact that MAK is not with us anymore tho it's difficult to get used to it. I lost a v.good friend and sister like to me too and recently towards end 2011 lost my Uncle too. Death is certain and our time will come too. Moga Allah cucuhri rahmat ke atas roh2 mereka and tempatkn mereka bersama org2 yg beriman. amin.

2012 ...... A special new year wish for everyone with wonderful achievements. Let's resolve to be a better person this year. Ya Allah ....syukor alhamdullilah and thank you so
much for everything that you have given me in such abundance.

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